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Transportation Women Tell Their Stories


Boot on the ground

Flats in the Boardroom



By Grace Crunican and Elizabeth Levin


If you think women have a role to play in transport then read this book. If you need to be convinced that women are really breaking through and making a difference in the transport industry, then read this book.


These are the stories of 18 women who have succeeded in breaking through the glass ceiling and made a difference. Though the stories are from USA, the battles and bruises on the leadership ladders will be familiar to many over here; discrimination, prejudice, resistance to change.


All are remarkable women, particularly when you consider that many of them made it to the top 20 years ago. Above all these stories are inspiring and tell you - you can succeed if you want to. Most of these women have also played an active role in WTS.


Ann Hershfang says that, "Despite the barriers – It has been fun all the way!"




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