Advancing Women in Transportation

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The goal of the WTS-IE Mentorship Program has been to encourage young adults to pursue careers in the transportation industry. Our mentors accomplish this goal by providing an encouraging and supportive environment that help our mentees discover more about their academic and professional interests, and promote access to internships, scholarships, and other opportunities in the transportation industry.

Under the Mentorship Program, students and young adults are paired with seasoned professionals in the transportation industry according to their specific professional interests, which ensure a gainful and beneficial pairing with WTS-IE mentors.

In this program, Mentees can expect to:

  •     Develop Networks
  •     Receive Career Guidance
  •     Increase Visibility
  •     Develop and Enhance Skills

They can also expect:

  •     Flexible Meeting Times
  •     Corporate Tours
  •     Fun Activities and Events
  •     Mock Interviews
  •     Resume Review & Career Counseling

The Mentorship Program has been wildly successful, and we are proud of the relationships, connections, and successes that have been made because of it. To apply to become a WTS-IE Mentor or Mentee, click on the application links below.


If you are interested in being mentored (a Mentee) please click on this link to complete an online application.

If you are interested in joining the Program as a Mentor, please follow this link to complete an online application. For more information about what is involved in being a Mentor, and guidelinees, email our Mentorship Chair, Bri Bernard.


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