Advancing Women in Transportation

WTS Mission: Transforming the transportation industry through the advancement of women.

The WTS Inland Empire Chapter was incorporated by the State of California on February 8, 2005.

Through the pivotal efforts of Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) Executive Director Eric Haley, San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) Executive Director Norm King, Caltrans District 8 Director Anne Mayer and WTS-Los Angeles Past President Deborah Berg, the WTS-IE Chapter was formed. To date, the Chapter has  over 200 members and that number grows each and every day.

On April 27, 2005, the first event drew 125 participants, including numerous California transportation leaders. Dignitaries included Commissioners Joe Tavaglione and Marian Bergeson from the California Transportation Commission (CTC); Anne Mayer, Caltrans Director, District 8; Cindy Quon, Caltrans Director District 12;  Eric Haley, RCTC Executive Director; Norm King, SANBAG Executive Director; and Paul Napolitano, California Construction magazine. The California Transportation Commission Executive Director, Diane Eidam, was the keynote speaker.

The Inland Empire Chapter’s history is being written every year. As a strong and growing member of WTS, we know the Chapter’s history will add yet another unique dimension to the fabric that is WTS.

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