Advancing Women in Transportation

As you may know, Transportation YOU is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Transportation and WTS International designed to get girls excited about STEM subjects.

Last year the WTS Heart of Texas Chapter partnered with 5 mentees who were sophomores at Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Usually we meet with the mentees once or twice a month on an individual basis during the school year, starting in October after a kick-off party.


Registration for Mentors in now open:

Select “School-based Volunteers” by choosing the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders from the drop-down menu.

For Volunteering Preferences near the end of the information you have to provide for the background review, type “Mentoring a sophomore from the engineering class at lunch through WTS Transportation You to encourage them to study a STEM-related field under the transportation umbrella.

You will have to enter the school name and your preference once again on the next screen.


Each June, Transportation YOU sponsors a DC Summit. This year Jamie Byers and Niki Lambrou accompanied two mentees to Washington DC to introduce the city and many transportation resources there, including the USDOT, Turner-Fairbanks Lab, NTSB, Amtrak, and more.

Other Transportation YOU activities throughout the year include staging a STEM activity for Girl Day at UT, field trips to office or construction sites, and volunteering at other organizations’ STEM events.

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