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Transportation YOU

Transportation YOU

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Transportation YOU

With a continuing underrepresentation from women and minorities in the science and engineering fields, it is important to keep our female youth interested in math and science for the advancement of our economy.  Many research studies show that most girls start to shy away from STEM fields by fifth grade, but if they are engaged and encouraged to participate in STEM activities and provided female role models they become more confident and attracted to the idea pursuing a STEM career path. Transportation YOU is a joint initiative of WTS and the US Department of Transportation that was launched to bridge this gap and provide stepping stones to females in a predominantly male-dominated field.

The WTS Heart of Texas (HOT) Chapter has completed its third year-long academic mentorship program with the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Since the conception of Transportation YOU in 2012, the HOT Chapter has mentored 14 ambitious females, ages 15 through 17 to promote their interest in transportation and other STEM focused fields. Though this mentorship program, students are selected to work one-on-one with a female working professional. The goal of the mentorship program is to inspire, educate, and motivate these young girls to see the bigger picture and relate what they’re learning in the classroom to real world applications. As a wrap up to each year’s mentorship program, students participate in a field trip to view a unique transportation project and one-day Externship with a partnering engineering firm.

Want to be a mentor? Click here for the application.

In addition to our ongoing mentorship program, our chapter’s Transportation YOU committee has given back to the community through several outreach events including:

  • Introduce a Girl to Engineering Dayhosted by the Women in Engineering Program (February)
  • Girls in STEM Conferencehosted by GirlStart (April)
  • Round Rock Youth in STEM Conferencehosted by Cedar Ridge Engineering Club (April)
  • Shell-TRC STEM Career Fairhosted by Texas Regional Collaborative (June)

Please contact Mary Jo Galindo, WTS Transportation YOU Committee Chair, at MJGalindo@pape-dawson.com.   If you would like to make a donation, please click here.


Our Spring 2014 Field Trip

BACK: Gary Schatz (COA), Haley Norman (WTS), Lisa Loftus-Otway (WTS)

MIDDLE: Blanca Juarez (WTS), Mary Jo Galindo (WTS), Odette Tan (WTS), Charlotte Gilpin (WTS), Amelia Fisher (Ann Richards), Mina Shekarchi (Ann Richards),  Maya Messinger (Ann Richards), Amanda Longtain (Ann Richards), Desiree Robinson (Ann Richards), Gabriella Ponce (Ann Richards)

FRONT: Kelly Morelli (WTS), Stephanie Russell (WTS), Bethany Salazar (Ann Richards)

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