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Chapter Structure and Position Descriptions

WTS Hampton Roads Chapter
Chapter Structure and Position Descriptions


As defined by the WTS HRC bylaws, the officers of the chapter shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Board members include all elected officers, the Immediate Past President, and Standing Committee Chairs. The Board shall not exceed 15 total members. The Officers shall be elected by members of the chapter eligible to vote.




The President’s duties typically include:

  • Acts as Principal Executive Officer of the Chapter.
  • Supervises and controls all business and affairs of the Chapter.
  • Guides and leads the organization.
  • Presides over Chapter Board meetings.
  • Discusses all major activities/actions before the Board.
  • Coordinates resolution of all policy disputes.
  • Works with Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer to assure that Committee and other chapter activities are being properly coordinated and that the organization is running smoothly.
  • Sets goals for the organization in conjunction with the Board and the membership and works with Board and membership to achieve these goals.
  • Prepares Quarterly Reports for WTS International.
  • Presides at program events and at other official Chapter functions.
  • Ensures chapter representation on WTS International monthly general calls and at events such as Chapter Management Training.
  • Conveys pertinent information from WTS International to the Chapter Leadership and Membership.
  • Helps identify opportunities for partnerships with organizations that support and promote goals similar to those of WTS.
  • Recruits and Appoints Committee Chairs and creates new Committees as needed and delegates duties and responsibilities to Board Members and Committee Chairs.
  • Obtains and maintains with the bank authorized signatures on all financial accounts. (Other Officers authorized to sign checks include the Vice President and Immediate Past President.) Fulfills the Chapter Treasurer’s Duties and Responsibilities in the Chapter Treasurer’s absence.

Vice President

The Vice President’s duties typically include:

  • Presides in the above duties in the absence of the President.
  • Oversees Programs and Communications Committees.


The Secretary’s duties typically include:

  • Oversees Membership and Professional Development Committees.
  • Prepares minutes of monthly Board meetings.
  • Maintains permanent records of minutes, bylaws, policies and procedures guidelines, and other relevant information.
  • Notifies Board members of pending meetings, asks for updates, and distributes agenda, previous meeting minutes, and any other pre‐meeting materials.
  • Keep records from past programs, events, and other committee activities.
  • Assumes any duties assigned by the President and/or Vice President.


The Treasurer’s duties typically include:

  • Oversees the Sponsorship and Scholarship Committees.
  • Serves as the account manager for the Chapter’s credit card, PayPal account, or other account obligations.
  • Serves as liaison between WTS International and the Chapter for all financial matters and concerns.
  • Provides receipts for attendees of Program Events.
  • Prepares and updates the Chapter’s annual budget with input and assistance from the Board and for the Board’s review and final approval.
  • Becomes familiar with the rules of WTS Scholarship surrounding use of funds, fundraising and awarding scholarships.
  • Anticipates necessary cash flow requirements based on routine expenses and income.
  • Reviews planned expenditures with the Board and discusses the advisability of such expenditures based on available or anticipated net balance.
  • Obtains receipts for all bills, reviews the accuracy and legitimacy of all bills and receipts prior to disbursement of funds, and pays all bills promptly in coordination with the President, Vice President, or Immediate past president (for Signature).
  • Maintains accurate and detailed records of expenditures and receipts.
  • Prepares individual and organization invoices for money owed.
  • Prepares a monthly written Treasurer’s report for each Board meeting to be attached to the meeting minutes.
  • Prepares a year‐end Treasurer’s report for inclusion in the Chapter’s Annual report.
  • Follows‐up with WTS International regarding the payment to the Hampton Roads Chapter for the Chapter portion of membership dues.
  • Prepares and provides WTS International with a copy of the Chapter’s year‐end report for inclusion in the annual IRS tax return.
  • Complete tax forms (IRS 990) annually and submit to WTS International by requested date.
  • Files reports due to state/local agencies.

Immediate Past President

The Past President’s duties may include:

  • Offers support and advice to President and Board as needed.
  • Attends Board meetings and participates at WTS International Board level if desired.
  • Participates in fundraising and contacts with local sponsors.
  • Oversees the Special Committees and Ad Hoc Committees not assigned to another Board Member.
  • Provides historical knowledge of Chapter activities.
  • May be requested to chair task forces or committees on which prior knowledge of the organization is a valued asset.


Programs, Communications, Membership, Corporate Sponsorship, Scholarship, Professional Development


Committee Chair duties may include:

  • Attend and provide committee reports at monthly Chapter Board Meetings and bi-annual planning meetings.
  • Work to engage members of the committee in the ongoing work of the Chapter by delegating tasks, creating accountability for results and supporting members’ efforts by recognizing their work.

Programs Committee Chair duties may include:

  • Confirms speakers and obtains necessary biographical and/or topical information for advertising purposes and for formal introduction at the program.
  • Inputs event information into online registration site (Event Brite).
  • Arranges venue reservations (including meal selections) for monthly programs and other special events. Coordinates with venue regarding final head-count, special dietary needs requests, etc.
  • Provides information to Communications to develop Constant Contact eblast, post event to WTS website event calendar, and develop “upcoming event” flyers for distribution at the event. Provides attendee email list to Communications for input into Constant Contact immediately following the event.
  • Checks the online registration database (Event Brite) and prints copies of attendee list for use at registration (check-in) table at event.
  • Coordinates with Membership to ensure nametags are prepared prior to event.
  • Coordinates audio visual needs and brings laptop, projector, extension cords, WTS pop-up banners, etc. Coordinates speaker gift(s) with President.
  • Reports on past and upcoming events at board meetings.

Communications Committee Chair duties may include:

  • Develops and maintains all chapter materials (flyers, eblasts, social media posts, website posts, etc.) and ensures all information is correct, technically and grammatically.
  • Maintains WTS HRC reference documents for the standardization of letterhead, note cards, and other print and electronic materials.
  • Coordinates with local media to advertise chapter events and provides public relations support for WTS events.
  • Works with Membership and Programs Committees to maintain accurate member and non-member e-mail lists in Constant Contact.
  • Coordinates with Programs Chair to develop event eblasts. Distributes event eblasts and reminders via Constant Contact.
  • Develops upcoming event flyers for distribution at each event. Develops sponsor boards for annual transportation reception. Coordinates with BDS (In-Kind sponsor) for printing.
  • Maintains updated scrolling PowerPoint slideshow to include Chapter information, corporate sponsorship information, photos of past events, etc. for projection at each WTS event.
  • Maintains Chapter website (http://www.wtsinternational.org/hamptonroads/) and social media pages.

Membership Committee Chair duties may include:

  • E-mails new members "Welcome" letter via e-mail, copying the President. Sends renewal reminders to current members. Solicits feedback from members who do not renew.
  • Maintains current Chapter membership list and distributes to Committee Chairs/Officers if requested.
  • Reports on the number of current Chapter members, new members, and non-renewing members at chapter board meetings.
  • Develops and sends out information to potential members discussing the benefits of WTS and inviting them to become members.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board on special rates or incentives for agency memberships / drives.
  • Prepares attendee nametags for each event. Sits at registration (check-in) table at each event to check in attendees. Provides membership information to those non-members if requested.
  • Plans (selects date, secures venue, and works with Communications to develop eblast and website post) for annual anniversary event in March and membership drive in July.

Corporate Sponsorship Committee Chair duties may include:

  • Develops and updates corporate membership benefits packet.
  • Develops and maintains the list of corporate members, contact information, terms of sponsorship, use of special corporate sponsorship incentives that come with their sponsorship, etc.
  • Recruits new corporate sponsors.
  • Acknowledges contributions, through thank-you notes and ensures that contributors are greeted and given special attention at Chapter events.
  • Works with chapter leaders on corporate sponsors for program events.
  • Establishes categories of program sponsorship depending on the amount or type of contribution. This may include special titles (e.g. Corporate Sponsor or “Blue Ribbon Sponsor”), special recognition at events (e.g. signs announcing sponsors or special tables), or in Chapter publications (e.g. the newsletter, flyers).
  • Coordinates and provides updated corporate sponsors list to Communications for use in eblasts, scrolling event PowerPoints, event flyers, etc.
  • Coordinates agency partnerships and incentives with President.

Scholarship Committee Chair duties may include:

  • Develops a schedule for the solicitation of candidates for scholarships.
  • Prepares correspondence to local colleges and universities soliciting scholarship applications.
  • Presents candidates to a Scholarship review committee for rating based on established criteria. Presents final candidates for awards to the Board for approval and final vote.
  • Notifies award recipients and unsuccessful candidates of results.
  • Develops and prints award certificate using established template for presentation at the annual transportation reception in May. The scholarship check may be sent to the recipient's college or university or presented directly to the recipient, depending on the status of the recipient's enrollment.
  • Introduces the recipients at the annual Awards Ceremony.
  • Recommends Chapter nominees for the WTS International level scholarship awards.
  • Organizes scholarship fundraising mechanisms (i.e. raffles, pass-the-hat, silent auction at annual transportation reception, etc.) at chapter events.
  • Responsible for writing thank you letters to donors for Chapter-related fundraising events and contributions (using tax deductible letter template).

Professional Development Chair duties may include:

  • With the approval of the Board, establishes Chapter professional development goals and objectives for the year.
  • Plans and conducts at least to two professional development programs per calendar year, coordinating each with the Program Chair and other committees as necessary. Events could include leadership workshops on pertinent topics, mentorship programs, young professionals programs, networking events, visits with colleges/universities and/or high schools to promote careers in STEM, etc.


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