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Chapter Awards

WTS-GNY is accepting nominations for the WTS GNY 2020 Recognition Awards:

  • Member of the Year Award
  • Employer of the Year Award
  • Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award
  • Innovative Transportation Solutions Award
  • Honorable Ray LaHood Award

Nominations will be voted on by the WTS-GNY Recognitions Committee and the awards will be announced during the Annual Meeting in 2020. Submit your nominations by December 20, 2019.

The WTS-GNY chapter is also accepting nominations for the WTS GNY Woman of the Year Award, presented at the Annual Gala in 2020.

Enter your nominations HERE

The following awards are presented at our Annual Meeting and our Annual Gala in the Fall. Look back on past events on our Photo Gallery page. 

Member of the Year Award

This is an award given to a WTS member who has shown extraordinary commitment to the goals and growth of WTS; promoted the reputation of WTS within the transportation industry; strengthened communications and/or revitalized or expanded a chapter. 

Employer of the Year Award

This award goes to an organization that has enhanced the transportation industry through its support of WTS, its commitment to excellence and quality in its services or products, demonstration of an outstanding record of affirmative action in hiring and promotions, and or that provides internships to women students and supports continuing education of its employees.

Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award

The Rosa Parks Diversity Award is presented to an individual or organization who has consistently and whole-heartedly supported diversity in the workplace by developing opportunities for women and minorities, and have contributed to promoting diversity and cultural awareness within their organization, the industry, or in a project or activity that supports the goals and missions of WTS.

Innovative Transportation Solutions Award

This award goes to a local project or service whose transportation element has contributed its success. The project or service must support one or more key community values, such as improved accessibility to services, employment, or other opportunities. It must also have made a difference in the lives of its users.

Honorable Ray LaHood Award

This award is presented to a man who has led by example, seeks out opportunities to advance and advocate for women in his own organization, and actively ensures that women are able to compete for key positions of authority within that organization.

Woman of the Year Award

The Woman of the Year Award honors a leader in transportation who has distinguished herself through her professional achievements and support of women in the industry. The award is presented at our Annual Gala in the fall. You can learn more about past honorees on our Gala Journals page

Congratulations to the award winners! We are thankful for your contributions to advancing women in transportation!

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  • Member of the Year - Tiffany Cummings, Stantec
  • Innovative transportation Solutions - MTA Reimagines the Customer Experience
  • Rosa Parks - Dr. Angela Battle, NJ Transit
  • Employer of the Year – HDR
  • Woman of the Year - Denise M. Berger


  • Member of the Year - Beth DeAngelo, WSP
  • Innovative transportation Solutions - LIRR, Flushing Main Street ADA Station
  • Rosa Parks -Flora Castillo, NJ Transit
  • Employer of the Year – Dewberry
  • Woman of the Year - Catherine Rinaldi


  • Member of the Year - Sutapa Bhattacharjee Phd, NJTPA
  • Employer of the Year - ARUP
  • Rosa Parks Diversity - Denise Berger, AIA,PANY&NJ
  • Innovative Transport Solutions - NYCDOT Queens Boulevard Safety Improvement Project
  • Ray LaHood Award - Patrick A. Nowakowski, LIRR
  • Woman of the Year - Mary K. Murphy


  • Member of the Year - Barbara Kearse
  • Employer of the Year - HNTB
  • Innovative Transport Solutions - Citi Bike
  • Ray LaHood Award - Ian Campo
  • Woman of the Year - Karen Rae


  • Member of the Year - Polina Knaster
  • Employer of the Year - Jacobs
  • Innovative Transport Solutions - MTA Bridges and Tunnels, Credit Card Pilot Program
  • Woman of the Year - Polly Trottenberg


  • Member of the Year - Stephanie Camay
  • Employer of the Year - AKRF
  • Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership - Leslie Mesnick-Uretsky
  • Innovative Transport Solutions - Boro Taxi Program
  • Woman of the Year - Veronique "Ronnie" Hakim


  • Member of the Year - Julia Kerson
  • Employer of the Year - Vanasse, Hangen, Brustlin, Inc.
  • Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership - Flora Ramos
  • Innovative Transport Solutions - MTA Bus Time
  • Woman of the Year - Helena E. Williams


  • Member of the Year - Malinda Foy
  • Employer of the Year - CH2MHill
  • Woman of the Year - Susan M. Baer


  • Member of the Year - Daniella M. Bernett
  • Employer of the Year - MTA New York City Transit
  • Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership - Ella McLeod
  • Innovative Transport Solutions - Rehabilitation of the West 96th Street Station
  • Woman of the Year - Joan McDonald


  • Member of the Year - Linda Travis
  • Employer of the Year - Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership - Maria Garcia
  • Woman of the Year - Pippa Woods


  • Member of the Year - Amy V. Kaufman
  • Employer of the Year - New York City Department of Transportation
  • Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership - Felicia Jones
  • Woman of the Year - Susan Bass Levin


  • Member of the Year - Stacey Hodge
  • Employer of the Year - AECOM
  • Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership - Cheryl George
  • Woman of the Year - Susan L. Hayes


  • Woman of the Year - Susan Kupferman


  • Woman of the Year - Jane Chmielinski


  • Woman of the Year - Janette Sadik-Khan


  • Woman of the Year - Flora Castillo


  • Woman of the Year - Barbara Spencer


  • Woman of the Year - Barbara Thayer


  • Woman of the Year - Laurie Gutshaw


  • Woman of the Year - Martha Walther


  • Woman of the Year - Debororah Wathen Finn


  • Woman of the Year - Barbara Richardson


  • Woman of the Year - Bevery Dolinsky


  • Woman of the Year - Lorrainne Hoffman-Ho


  • Woman of the Year - Janis Beitzer


  • Woman of the Year - Barbara Mickens-Washington


  • Woman of the Year - Carole Metzer


  • Woman of the Year - Shirley DeLibero


  • Woman of the Year - Christine Johnson


  • Woman of the Year - Lillian Liburdi


  • Woman of the Year - Hazel Gluck


  • Woman of the Year - Anne Canby

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