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Emerging Women Leaders On-Site Training Series

The Emerging Women Leaders series is an on-site training series blending leadership skills training with advice from guest speakers who are senior-level women leaders.

 •Hear outstanding women leaders share their top career and leadership tips
 •Add to your toolkit of leadership skills
 •Learn proven strategies to advance your career

These on-site web casts are offered quarterly on Tuesdays, 1:00 PM at various locations. To sign up for a webinar, please click here.

As of 2019, the RPI student chapter is also participating in the webinar series. For more information, email cite_wts@rpi.edu.

Upcoming webinars are as follows:

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - Ready to Stretch?
When faced with an opportunity to take on a stretch assignment, new role, or promotion, what’s your reaction? Be Leaderly surveyed more than 1,100 professionals to find out what it takes to say “yes” with confidence. In this webinar, learn what we discovered—and how you can prepare to step up to your next big career opportunity.
Guest Speakers: To be announced.
Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - The New Rules of Teamwork
Today, 84% of employees are “matrixed,” working on multiple teams every day. Networks of teams are replacing top-down hierarchies. And the role of a high-performing team player is changing. Are you keeping up? In this webinar, learn to leverage the “magic ratio” of highly effective teams, harness the collective intelligence of groups, and make a memorable mark.
Speakers: Jo Miller, CEO and Selena Rezvani, Vice President of Consulting and Research, Be Leaderly.
Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - The Juggle
It’s time to lose the cape! Superwoman had it wrong. Striving for perfection while juggling many roles is more likely to lead to burnout than to balance. In this webinar, learn practical tools for redefining work/life balance and making it all work for you.
Guest Speakers: Adrienne Burch, Management and Program Analyst in the Office of Civil Rights, Diversity, and Inclusion with USDA APHIS.
Claudia Caryevschi, Global Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, MetLife
Roderick Wilson, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Strategy Execution Manager, Bank of America.
Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - The Leadership Pipeline
In this webinar, hear from speakers who are fired up about cultivating upcoming generations of diverse leaders. Be inspired by how they’re creatively deepening their talent bench and learn the factors to consider as you construct a pipeline to your ultimate role. You’ll find out what behaviors get “high-potentials” noticed – and see how the succession planning process unfolds behind the scenes.
Guest Speakers: Shachella James, PMP, Vice President Technology Operations at CenterPoint Energy, and one other to be announced.
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 6 Ways to Develop a Change Leader Mindset
Whether it’s a large-scale disruption or an everyday adjustment to the status quo, becoming a transformational change leader starts with managing yourself and then, leading others. Acquire self-management tools to fearlessly navigate change, and coaching skills to guide and inspire others as they adapt.
Speaker: Selena Rezvani, Vice President of Consulting and Research, Be Leaderly.
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - Ask a Leader Anything
Do I really need an MBA to be a leader? Is it a ‘career killer’ to say no to a role with relocation? How important is global experience? Join our candid Ask Me Anything session featuring top executives who’ve seen a thing or two…and bring your own leadership questions!  This hour-long Q&A will offer fresh advice on everything from managing critical career relationships to unwritten rules that help you advance.  Our panel of industry leaders will share fresh perspectives, but your questions will drive the conversation.
Speakers: To be announced.


Presentations from past webinars are listed below:

December 04, 2018 webinar: "7 Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader"  Webinar  Slides

October 30, 2018 webinar :  "The Art of the Ask"   Webinar    Slides

August 21, 2018 webinar:  "How to Sponsor Others"   Webinar   Slides

June 19, 2018 webinar:  "The F-Word: Failure"   Webinar   Slides

April 17, 2018 - 8 Ways to Transform from a Manager into a Leader 

February 20, 2018 - Speak Up and Lead 

June 23 - Step Up and Shine with Stretch Assignment and High Profile Projects

April 21 - Finding your Voice

February 24 - The Language of Leadership

October 28 - Motivating Yourself and Others

April 2014 - Building Relationships of Trust

February 2014 - Win at the Game of Office Politics

December 2013 - Ask an Executive

October 2013 - Take Charge of Your Career Trajectory

August 2013 - Breakout Career Moves

June 2013 - Leading Meetings

April 2013 - Building an Influential Brand with Social Media

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