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To encourage women pursuing careers in transportation, the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of WTS awards six local scholarship to graduate, undergraduate, community college, and high school students. These scholarships have been made possible through generous contributions from our corporate members.

Every year, the scholarships are competitive and based on the applicant’s specific transportation involvement and goals, job skills, and academic record. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply. Past applicants have backgrounds in civil, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering, as well as urban planning, public policy, public safety, and emergency response. Any students that may be eligible for the scholarships should apply!

The Gorrondona & Associates, Inc./WTS High School Scholarships Winner will be contacted via phone no later than Monday, April 20, 2015.

Amanda Wilson
North Central Texas Council of Governments
Phone: (817) 695-9284
Email: awilson@nctcog.org
  • Gorrondona & Associates, Inc. /WTS High School Scholarship ($2,500)
    • Application Form – MS Word
    • Application Form – PDF


  • Wanda J. Schafer Graduate Scholarship ($1,500)
    • Application Form – MS Word
    • Application Form – PDF
  • Monique Pegues Graduate Leadership Scholarship ($1,500)
    • Application Form – MS Word
    • Application Form – PDF
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter WTS Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter WTS Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship ($1,000)
    • Application Form – MS Word
    • Application Form – PDF
  • Community College/Technical/Trade School Scholarship ($1,250)
    • Application Form – MS Word
    • Application Form – PDF
  • Transportation YOU High School Scholarship ($1,250)
    • Application Form – MS Word
    • Application Form – PDF

2015 Scholarship Winners

The 2014-2015 Dallas-Fort Worth WTS scholarship winners have been selected. These winners have been nominated to compete for scholarships at the WTS International level. Thank you to the scholarship committee for reviewing all of the excellent applications.

  • Wanda J. Schafer Graduate Scholarship – Junfei Xie – Junfei Xie is currently a PhD candidate in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of North Texas (UNT). She received her M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from UNT in 2013. Her research aims to provide automation solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of the next-generation air transportation systems. In particular, she has worked on airborne networking, and the development of an uncertainty-exploiting strategic air traffic management framework that tackles the challenges faced by modern air transportation systems, such as weather uncertainty, large-scale system dynamics and real-time decision-making requirement. Her results have been documented in about 15 research papers in leading journals and conferences in the field. Some of the results have been prototyped by the MITRE Corporation for use by FAA. She is a frequent reviewer for IEEE and AIAA conferences and journals. She received the Master’s and Doctoral Fellowship at UNT, the best poster presentation award at the NSF-funded workshop on airborne networks, and the 2nd place at the IEEE MetroCon student poster competition. Besides research development, she has also made great efforts to guide young students to the field of transportation, through serving as instructors and mentors.
  • DFW Chapter Undergraduate Scholarship – Nicole Velasco – A recent graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Ms. Velasco received a bachelor of business administration in Entrepreneurial Management and a bachelor of business administration in Supply and Value Chain Management. While enrolled in classes, Ms. Velasco was active in campus and community involvement. She served as an instructor
    for the Junior Achievement Program, volunteered for a mass immunization clinic and served as the Risk Manager for the Society for Human Resources Management for a semester. Ms. Velasco also served as the President for the BOSA Bolivian Student Association from 2010 to 2011.
    While living in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for two months, Ms. Velasco worked as a financial analyst for a major airline and negotiated with three other vendors to assure quality and timeliness and to save costs. She also presented a Business Case Report with the results and recommendations from this negotiation.
  • Monique Pegues Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship – Mallory Casebolt – Mallory Casebolt is currently enrolled full time as a doctoral student at Oklahoma State University pursuing a doctoral degree in Aviation and Space with an anticipated graduation date of December 2015. Ms. Casebolt is also employed as a visiting professor with Oklahoma State and will instruct three AVED courses in the coming Fall semester; Aviation History, Aviation Marketing, and Aviation Ethics. She has an associate in applied science in Air Traffic Control, bachelor of science Aviation and Space Administration, master of Science Aviation and Space, and will have her Ed. D in Aviation and Space this December. Ms. Casebolt is a member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading and Women in Aviation. She has been very blessed and privileged to receive generous scholarships throughout her education endeavors and would like to sincerely thank WTS.
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