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Change is a-comin' and that is NOT a bad thing. I understand many of you have questions and concerns regarding the SWTA Nation and its future. 


First let me say the SWTA Nation IS YOU, not any one individual. SWTA is the collective make up of dedicated transit professionals focused on the common goal of accessible mobiity for all of the people in our communities. SWTA is about educating that transit is an economic engine, driving innovation and development in out communities. SWTA is about telling our story!


June 30th will be my last day as a full-time employee. I've been working with you on the already stated collective goals for twelve years and believe we've made some great strides. I'll be taking a brief vacation, leaving Kary Hughes at the helm during July, then returning part-time to on board a new Executive Director. 



The SWTA ED Search Team directed me to post the job opening, which you will find here. I would be lying if I told you it was without emotion. This is not an easy change, but one that I believe will ultimately benefit transit as a whole.



Over the following six months or so I'll be creating a workforce development tool that will allow you to easily find the expert trainers and training that your agency demands.  I will take ALL of the resources from across the country and put them in one easy to search website and mobile app that you will use like a TripAdvisor or Angie's List. Some people have even called it Kristen's List. 


I will be working closely with the new SWTA Executive Director, as soon as that person is chosen to ensure a smooth transition, including execution of Summer University and the 2020 Freedom Through Transit Conference & EXPO


The SWTA Board will do an excellent job choosing the next leader for the SWTA Nation, but remember:SWTA IS YOU! So stay engaged and help us lead SWTA into a successful future!


Be Safe,

Kristen Joyner

Executive Director



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