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Transportation YOU

Transportation YOU

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Assist in writing, editing and layout of communications materials for chapter membership including flyers and email announcements. Gather information and write articles for quarterly newsletter. Provide design and layout, publish and distribute to WTS members. Assist other committees by providing communications support; provide media outreach when appropriate. Maintain WTS website.

Contact: communications@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Participate in recruitment of new members and retention of current members; welcome new members; initiate and run programs to increase membership and special events for members. Committee meetings are typically monthly.

Contact: membership@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Organize professional development events, material and partnerships on topics such as communication skills, presentations, investing, etc. Responsible for determining topics, getting speakers and choosing venues. Committee meetings are typically monthly.


Contact: profdevelopment@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Transportation YOU

Develops programming to educate female high school students (ages 13-18) about transportation careers. Responsible for planning programs, coordinating with partner groups, and developing curricula and mentoring events. Committee meetings are typically monthly (often by teleconference).

Contact: tyou@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Responsible for monthly luncheon programs and assisting other committee’s events throughout the year. Committee members are encouraged to take the lead coordinator role for at least one month. Committee members work with decision makers in the community, tapping all modes of transportation for speakers and topics and event planning and logistics. Committee meetings are typically monthly.

Contact: programs@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Responsible for soliciting award nominations for six local awards, distributing ballots and forwarding award winners to WTS International. This committee manages the yearly awards banquet, typically held in the spring. Committee meetings are typically bi-annually. More activity as needed.

Contact: awards@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Solicit, review, select and secure applicants from area colleges and universities for three annual scholarship awards. Manage a monthly raffle in support of the scholarship fund and promote scholarships through fundraising, articles in our newsletter and on the website. Manage the yearly scholarship banquet, which typically occurs in February or March. Committee meetings are typically bi-monthly. More activity as needed.

Contact: scholarship@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Participate in recruitment of new partners and retention of current partners; create partnership request letters; create and maintain benefit listings by serving as partner manager; welcome new partners; initiate and facilitate appreciation programs to recognize partners. Committee meetings are typically monthly.


Contact: partnership@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Create and maintain a community of inclusiveness and mutual support by providing a network of people, programs and tools all designed to help women of diverse backgrounds grow and manage their careers in the field of transportation.  Establish partnerships with local diversity programs at colleges, universities, public agencies and with private sector to encourage college students to join the field of transportation.

Contact: diversity@wtsgreaterchicago.org


Interested in Volunteering?

WTS is always looking for day-of event volunteers. Consider including your name on this list if your time commitment is limited, yet you eagerly want to be involved.

Contact: membership@wtsgreaterchicago.org


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