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Leadership Session on Mindfulness

Our Mobility Future - Autonomous Vehicle Policy and Practice

Bridge Weigh In Motion (BWIM)

Transforming Transporation in New Britain - The Complete Streets Mater Plan

Fuel Cell Technology

Comparison of Activity Engagement Behaviors among Birth Cohorts

Update on Restricted Crossing - U-Turn Intersections

Challenges and Opportunities in the Age of Technology Transformation in Transportation

What do Abu Dhabi and CT have in Common?

Real Time Traveler Information Services

Evaluation of Freeway Work Zone Merge Concepts

Bridge Weigh-In-Motion

Changing Behavior in the Workplace

Planning for Bike Share "Getting to Launch"

Bringing Bike Share to Small/Medium Cities

Bike Sharing in CT

Dealing with Difficult People

I-84 Project

Hazardous Materials Transportation Routes

Exploring Relationship between Vehicle Choice & Distance Traveled

Analysis of Driver & Passenger Crash Severity

Beck Road Interchange, Design-Build PPP STARs Project

Enterprising Twin Cities Transitways

A New Look for CT Aviation - CAA

Work/Life Balance

I-84 Viaduct

Rapid Bridge Replacement

Method to Define Public Transit Opportunity

FAA Regional Regulatory Connections

Aviation Safety Aircraft Certification Service
Next Generation Air Transporation System
Stuff You Didn't Learn in Engineering School
MAP21 Transportation Performance Management Overview
Near Term Federal Transporation Issues

 Oregon Solar Highway

 Innovative Diverging Diamond Interchange



 Homeland Security

 Homeland Security

Safe Routes to School Program

Safe Routes to School Program

Safe Routes to School Program

Integrating Non-Motorized Transporation Projects

 Dinner: Rebuilding our Interstates: Case for Tolling

 Perform at Peak and Presentation Skills

 Mobility Hubs

 Asphalt as a Solar Energy Source

 High Speed and Innercity Rail in the NEC

 High Speed and Innercity Rail in the NEC

Security at Connecticut's Ports

 Security at Connecticut's Ports

 Security at Connecticut's Ports

 Walkable Urban Thoroughfares

Walkable Urban Thoroughfares

 Walkable Urban Thoroughfares

Planes, Trains & Automobiles... The Cecil Group

2010 Award Recipients

Gold Star Bridge Gusset Plates Presentation - HAKS

Award Photo

 Financing Green Transportation Projects

 Transportation and Climate Change

Transportation and Climate Change

 Transportation and Climate Change

 Greenovation 101 Economic

 Smart Transportation

2009 Award Recipients


PB Presentation

FHWA Presentation

Commuter Rail in Connecticut

Incorporating Wildlife Corridors

Connecticut Valley Chapter Bylaws

Ethics Seminar

NH Rail Yard Improvements



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