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Glass Ceiling

"It is the mision of WTS to build the future of transportation through the global advancement of women. WTS seeks to close the transportation workforce gap by attracting, retaining and advancing women, and it is because of this objective that the Glass Ceiling Task Force undertook a study to measure gender diversity and the status of women in the local transportation industry. The link between diversity and business performance is increasingly recognized within the professional community. Evidence continues to emerge showing that lower representation of women within the workforce is problematic because workforce diversity improves business performance. Understanding the business case for diversity and its current status within the local transportation industry is a first step towards creating a culature of diversity within the transportation industry at large. As ina ny sector, organizations are only as good as their people, and therefore the transportation industry is only as good as its workforce. Attracting, retaining and developing people who bring a broad range of perspectives, skills and experiences will ensure the industry's future success."

Click here to read our May 2016 Women in the Greater Washington, DC Region Transportation Industry: A Baseline Study for Future Benchmarking of Women in Leadership Roles

The WTS Central Virginia Chapter participated in the WTS Washington, DC Glass Ceiling Task Force, along with the WTS Baltimore Chapter. The task force was made up of the following individuals whose dedicated work over the last year and a half made this baseline report possible:

2015 - 2016 WTS-DC Glass Ceiling Task Force

Washington, DC Chapter Representatives:

  • Tiffany Batac, WSP | Pasons Brinckerhoff - Chair, WTS-DC Glass Ceiling Task Force
  • Jennifer Brickett, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) - Vice Chair, WTS-DC Glass Ceiling Task Force
  • Karen Campblin, ktcPLAN, LLC
  • Erin Donovan, Parsons Corporation
  • Meredith Howell, USDOT Office of the Inspector General 
  • Mojisola Jimoh, Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority
  • Katherine Kortum, Transportation Research Board
  • Danielle McCray, Kimley-Horn and Associates
  • Rose Sheridan, American Public Transportation Association

Baltimore Chapter Representatives:

  • Meghan Powell, Parsons Corporation - Preisdent, WTS - Baltimore
  • Bailey Lozner, Kittleson & Associates Inc.
  • Carrie Casto, Jacobs
  • JoAnn Trach Tongson, Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc.
  • Tracee Stum-Giliam, PRR, Inc.
  • Colleen Turner, Maryland Department of Transportation
  • Eileen Sien, Airport Design Consultants, LLC

Central Virginia Chapter Representatives:

  • Savannah Amor, John Davenport Engineering - President, WTS-Central Virginia
  • Virginia Epperly, Virginia Department of Transportation
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