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To learn more about how the Committee Chairs work together with the Executive Board, please review our Central PA Chapter Structure and Positions document.

Please review the Central PA Chapter Bylaws for more information about our chapter operations.

PROGRAMS CHAIR                                         MEMBERSHIP CHAIR

Bethany Kavulich, P.E., CPESC                     Jamie Lemon, AICP 

BethanyKavulich            Jamie_Crop                        

Engineer                                                       Multimodal Transportation Planner
NTM Engineering, Inc.                                   Michael Baker International

BKavulich@ntmeng.com                                 jamie.lemon@mbakerintl.com           

                                                                     "I grew up in a rural area where personal automobiles
                                                                      were the only option for getting around. Once I moved
                                                                     away from my hometown, I became fascinated by other
                                                                      available forms of transportation and how they shaped
                                                                      the communities around them."



Carrie Weinhold, P.E.                                    Gail Farley, P.E.  

 Carrie_Crop               Gail_Farley

Design Engineer                                             Technical Manager
NTM Engineering, Inc.                                    Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

cfischer@ntmeng.com                                    gafarley@mbakerintl.com

"WTS allowed me to take on a leadership         "As a past president of the WTS Central PA Chapter I 
position from day one, which has given            learned leadership skills, gained friends in the 
me the opportunity to learn more about           transportation industry, and have had the opportunity 
other companies, gain a better knowledge       to interact with executive level people."
of the transportation industry, and improve
my organizational and professional skills."              




Angela Schreffler                                       Stephanie Kern

Angela_Schreffler(1)                       Kern_head_shot2

Senior Environmental Scientist                   Environmental Manager
McCormick Taylor                                      Susquehanna Civil Inc.

AMSchreffler@mccormicktaylor.com           skern@sqcivil.com

                                                                "The variety of work keeps things interesting in 
                                                                 transportation- no two projects are the same. From
                                                                 the environmental side, there is wide range of tasks
                                                                 that I get to work on."


CHAPTER LIAISON                                     WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR

Michelle E. Madzelan, P.E.                       Jennifer Warner Hayman, P.E., ENV SP

 M_Michelle_009                    Headshot_Warner

Senior Transportation Manager                   Civil Engineer - Traffic
ELA Group, Inc.                                         Michael Baker International

memadzelan@elagroup.com                       jennifer.warner@mbakerintl.com

"Transportation projects solve                     "I love the multifaceted challenges that permeate the 
community access problems. Once              field of transportation.  Our work has the potential
they are completed, everyone can               to make such an incredibly positive impact on our
see and appreciate the improvements."       communities and it's exciting to be an active part
                                                                  of the process."



Lauren Herman                                        Kelly Freeburger

Lauren_Herman__4_                   Freeburger__Kelly_8-2015_gh

Senior Marketing Coordinator,                   Marketing Coordinator, 
RK&K                                                        Johnson, Mirmiran, & Thompson

lherman@rkk.com                                     KFreeburger@jmt.com



SOCIAL MEDIA CHAIR              

Siobhan Kiernan, E.I.T.


Transportation Designer

Susquehanna Civil, Inc.             


"Transportation shapes and connects        
communities, and is essential to human         
networks. I like that WTS allows the           
opportunity for professionals in     
transportation to volunteer, learn, and

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