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WTS-Boston May Luncheon Recap: Jackie DeWolfe

Frank Monkiewicz Photography www.frankmonkiewicz.com

Written By: Kate Maker, Toole Design Group


At the WTS-Boston May 2017 luncheon, Jackie DeWolfe, Director of Sustainable Mobility in the Office of the Secretary, discussed MassDOT’s multi-modal goals across the Commonwealth.  Jackie opened her discussion with her definition of multi-modal transportation as a means of connecting people to their destination through walking, biking and transit options.  She emphasized the importance that designers and consultants think about context sensitive design and incorporation of Complete Streets elements into all projects.   Jackie encouraged the designers in the audience to think about creating accommodations that users want to ride on, and to avoid designing facilities that only meet the minimum design guideline.  Jackie urged the audience to consider the intent of the Healthy Transportation Policy Directive in their projects.  Context is critical!  She also reminded the audience to consider all modes, including the regional bus routes, when designing projects. 

Next, Jackie challenged the group to exceed the healthy transportation policy by focusing on the 60% of the population that are interested in bike riding, but concerned about safety.  This can be accomplished by designing low stress, connected bike networks.  The design of intersections and crossings is critical to the success of a low stress, connected network, as is lowering vehicle speeds.


Frank Monkiewicz Photography www.frankmonkiewicz.com

Jackie was happy to report that through the Complete Streets Funding program many communities have adopted Complete Streets policies that require incorporation of multi-modal transportation for users of all ages and abilities.

Recently MassDOT staff attended a presentation titled, ‘Designing Streets for Transit’ which discussed designated bus lanes and success in implementation.  Designers often forget about the network of regional bus routes which can dramatically increase network connectivity and, therefore, ridership.  Also, the incorporation of bus stops that are user-friendly is very important for a successful transit system. 

Jackie closed her presentation highlighting the importance of collaboration with all agencies including MassDOT, MBTA, individual municipalities, and Regional Transit Authorities.  Finally, Jackie solicited feedback from audience members as part of her ongoing effort to continue the conversation about multi-modal transportation.  She invited WTS-Boston members and supporters to provide her feedback directly via email or by using the following survey link - www.surveymonkey.com/r/BVJJYQT.

Jackie’s presentation was thoughtful and provoking, and we would be happy to have her come back!


To see more photos from the event please visit the WTS-Boston Flickr page, click here.



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