Advancing Women in Transportation

WTS-Boston Formal Mentoring Program: April/May Event Summaries


The April 24th meeting of the formal mentoring program featured a workshop by Joanne Linowes titled “(Almost) Everything You Need to Know for a Professional A/E/C Presentation.” Joanne engaged the group right from the start, leading exercises to warm up our voices and rehearse hand motions. She then used her presentation and handouts to demonstrate clear methods for planning presentation structure, considering stature, and adding spice. She stressed the importance of beginning with a focus question that grabs attention and ending with a captivating conclusion. To finish, Joanne facilitated a lively group discussion on wardrobe and the psychology of attire.

On May 29th, the formal mentoring program met for a group discussion on the topic: "How did you get where you are today?" In advance of the program, mentees were asked to submit questions to be answered by the mentors in attendance during the event. We extended an invitation to advisory board members as well and were pleased that Diana Nicklaus of Saam Architecture was able to join us. The group appreciated the valuable range of perspectives the mentors provided. Topics included work-life integration, making choices such as becoming a parent and going to graduate school, and taking care of yourself despite many demands from work and home life. One key theme was that, during your career, you will have to make conscious choices in your personal and work life. The mentors also followed up with a question for the mentees: What would you like your future bosses to know? The sixth and final group mentoring event for the 2019 mentoring program will take place on June 26th and will focus on why failure is important.



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