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WTS-Boston congratulates Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) on being selected 2015 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award!

May 11, 2015 03:53 PM



UntitledThe second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) is a $169 million national program of applied research to produce innovative, practical solutions for transportation professionals. SHRP2 has undertaken more than 100 research projects designed to address critical state and local challenges, such as aging infrastructure, congestion, and safety.  The program is led by the Federal Highway Administration in cooperation with the Transportation Research Board and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Amy Lucero and Carin Michel of FHWA led the nationwide deployment of the nation’s largest applied transportation research program..  Amy and Cairn’s oversight of a complex, multi-faceted program involving more than 100 staff and contractors has led to five rounds of successful deployment of SHRP2 products in 49 states, just two years after implementation activities began. 

In addition to their outstanding leadership and management of SHRP2, two aspects of their work bear special attention.  While the Federal Highway Administration led of implementation of SHRP2, it had two strong partners in the AASHTO and TRB.  The involvement of three organizations added a layer of complexity to a program that already had thousands of moving parts.  Amy’s and Carin’s regular communication, collaborative approach and focus on problem-solving, not credit-seeking, have led to a sense of true partnership among their counterparts and a unified approach to implementation.  What makes this accomplishment even more remarkable is the fact that Amy works in Denver, Carin works in Baltimore, and the TRB and AASHTO partners are based in Washington, D.C.  Their ability to unify geographically-dispersed organizations to form a well-organized and cohesive deployment is testament to their leadership, communication and management skills. 

Highlights of SHRP2 products overseen by Amy and Carin include:

Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal:  This product helps state and local departments of transportation expand the use of accelerated bridge construction with a design toolkit for prefabricated bridge projects. Standardized approaches streamline bridge design and construction, and bridges are installed in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

Groundbreaking Safety Research:  Naturalistic Driving Study: This SHRP2 effort is the largest coordinated safety study ever conducted in the United States.  This bold, high-risk study directly observed more than 3,100 drivers in their vehicles over 5 million trips and 50 million miles. The study is expected to generate large-scale research and dramatic advances in highway safety, with the promise of thousands of lives saved and injuries avoided.

Traffic Incident Management Training: SHRP2 has produced innovative new approached to train state DOTs, law enforcement, fire, tow operators and emergency medical services to coordinate for rapid responses to crashes and other highway incidents.  This effort will lead to safer conditions for responders and drivers alike.

Awareness and support for the program is widespread among state DOTs. 49 of 50 states have implemented at least one SHRP2 product.  Accelerated bridge designs are already in wide use. Tens of thousands of responders have had SHRP2 traffic incident training, and five rounds of implementation assistance have taken place in only two years. Amy’s and Carin’s leadership have been instrumental in the national deployment of this effective, innovative national program.




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