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WTS-Boston congratulates Lisa Schletzbaum on being selected 2015 Member of the Year Award!

May 15, 2015 10:46 AM


Lisa Schletzbaum
Supervising Traffic Safety Engineer
Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Lisa Schletzbaum is an accomplished, effective leader who has demonstrated strong support for the WTS organization, both at the chapter and international level.  Lisa has served as a WTS Chapter leader for more than 12 years and has brought an energy and dedication to her work as a volunteer that has inspired many members and continues to benefit the Chapter.

Her leadership at WTS-Boston was marked by membership growth and a reinvigorated base of public and private sector partners.  When her term ended as President of the Boston Chapter, she remained fully engaged in WTS as the Past-President and Chair of the Advisory Board.  As Chair, she spurred the activities of the Advisory Board by creating an Executive Women’s Roundtable to engage former WTS leaders and current transportation executives to tap into their ideas and perspectives on advancing women in the transportation profession.

Lisa has also played an influential role with her public sector colleagues, many of whom have joined the chapter with her support and encouragement.  Participation by Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) employees has risen substantially as a result of Lisa’s efforts.  She has also encouraged many younger members to participate in, or take leadership roles in committees.  In doing so, she is supporting their involvement, building their confidence, and preparing them for future leadership roles, both in their workplaces and in WTS.
Lisa has strongly supported the expansion of mentoring within WTS.  She has also modeled excellent mentoring skills by working with and encouraging younger members to participate more fully in our Chapter.

Throughout her years as a Chapter leader, Lisa has been actively engaged in communications with WTS International, using her leadership position to share effective practices and advocating for increased collaboration, both with the International organization and with other chapters.  Toward that end, she stayed in regular contact with WTS International, constructively identifying areas of mutual interest and collaboration.  She also regularly participated in calls and discussions with other WTS chapters to coordinate activities, share information (like the WTS-Boston Protocol Book) and offer WTS-Boston’s support for other chapters’ activities; including the surrounding New England Chapters in Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut; and beyond.  In doing so, Lisa was an outstanding ambassador for WTS-Boston, positioning our chapter as both a resource and a leader in coordinating with other chapters.  As a result, WTS-Boston is widely recognized as a supportive resource by WTS members around the nation.



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