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WTS-Boston congratulates Howard Stein Hudson on being selected for the 2016 Employer of the Year Award!


WTS-Boston congratulates Howard Stein Hudson on being selected for the 2016 Employer of the Year Award!

Howard Stein Hudson

Similar to WTS, Howard Stein Hudson (HSH) was founded by two women in the 1980s who were working in the transportation industry. Jane Howard and Kathy Stein (founding member of WTS Boston), colleagues from their work together at the City of Boston, founded HSH in 1987.  Jane and Kathy crafted HSH’s core mission – to create the best solutions for complex challenges in all transportation.  From its inception, HSH has been a company that values the enthusiasm and drive of young female professionals, allowing them the resources and tools to enhance their career, while promoting and advocating for a healthy work/life balance.  These values remain with the company today, 28 years later.

HSH is now a multidisciplinary engineering and planning firm with offices in Boston and Chelmsford. Currently, 46% of HSH’s 52 professionals are women. HSH is an Associate Level Sponsor of WTS Boston, with a number of active members, including Keri Pyke, Jacqueline Carver (Professional Development Co-Chair), and Bridget Myers. HSH provides civil engineering, transportation planning, traffic engineering, public involvement, and construction services to public and private clients. HSH employs more than engineering experts– it becomes the keystone of complex projects. HSH’s tightly integrated relationships with both clients and reviewing agencies ensures that sophisticated projects succeed swiftly and efficiently, no matter the scale. Through close engagement and collaboration, HSH provides exceptional project delivery, helping its clients shape the face of Boston and beyond for years to come.  HSH is committed to attracting, retaining, and supporting a diverse workforce, including nine women in leadership roles within the firm. HSH encourages and challenges all employees to learn more about transportation from both the business and technical point of view - sparking a passion for the industry and a clearly defined career path. With a focus on professional development, HSH supports staff wishing to continue their education with professional education assistance, tuition reimbursement, and membership in professional organizations. Employees are encouraged to volunteer in the community and are given eight hours of volunteer-time-off each year. In 2015, in addition to individual volunteer time, HSH participated in a group volunteer session at Cradles to Crayons, a local organization that provides children living in homeless or low-income situations with the essential items they need to thrive.  Employees are encouraged to participate in professional organizations as a means of enrichment, fostering recognition of HSH, and contributing to the profession.  HSH has been a proud partner with the Northeastern University Co-operative program. During 2015, HSH had four interns from Northeastern. Recognizing the potential in these students, HSH has continued to employ many co-ops past the duration of their internship semester, and has hired at least five co-ops as full time employees after graduation. 

HSH takes great pride in its values and commitment to the field of transportation, as well as its dedication to excellence and quality.  HSH strives to continue and strengthen its relationship with WTS now and in the future.

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