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WTS-Boston congratulates Frederick Salvucci on being selected 2016 Honorable Ray LaHood Award!


WTS-Boston congratulates Frederick Salvucci on being selected 2016 Honorable Ray LaHood Award!

Frederick Salvucci
Senior Lecturer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fred Salvucci is a giant in the field of transportation, not only for his many accomplishments, but also for the extraordinary people whom he nurtured along the way. He served as the Secretary of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the two Dukakis Administrations, first from 1975 to 1978 and again from 1983 to 1990. Since 1990 he has been a Senior Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Fred learned early about the benefits and costs of large transportation projects when the state took his grandmother’s home in order to build the Massachusetts Turnpike. This experience affected his approach to transportation projects—he was especially attentive to the impacts on the people directly affected.

Fred brought about major investments in the public transportation infrastructure in Massachusetts. These investments included extensions of the MBTA’s Red Line; and a relocated Orange Line which removed an elevated railway, buried it underground, and provided a linear park along the corridor.  He purchased rail rights-of-way and furthered commuter rail around the state.

His most impactful and best known project is the Big Dig, the 14.6 billion dollar highway project in Boston that buried an above-ground expressway, built a third Harbor Tunnel and remade downtown Boston into an even more special city for people to live, walk, and work. Fred’s role was crucial on both state and national levels, creating the vision, persuading politicians, and getting the funds.

Fred had a knack of listening to and appointing women who shared his concern about the human impacts of transportation projects and the need to build coalitions. The women he appointed to prominent positions included Ann Hershfang and Claire Barrett, for whom several WTS-Boston scholarships and awards are named. Another was Jane Garvey, who became Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. He hired Kay Gibbs and Sandra Warren, talented diversity advocates who implemented programs to increase diversity at the modal agencies and at private contractors in public construction.

The City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are still benefitting from Fred’s visionary leadership that preserved rail corridors, expanded rail and commuter rail, and built highways that work without destroying neighborhoods. The country has benefitted from the expertise and leadership of many of the women that Fred supported.

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