Advancing Women in Transportation

WTS-Boston congratulates BostonBRT on being selected for our 2019 Innovative Transportation Solutions Award!


The Barr Foundation’s BostonBRT initiative was convened in 2013 as part of Barr’s climate program, acknowledging that any serious efforts to address climate change must advance solutions for mobility. This initiative raised awareness and generated support for Gold Standard BRT throughout Greater Boston. The work started with an analysis to determine if and where Gold Standard BRT might be technically feasible in Greater Boston, which resulted in a June 2015 report that identified five priority corridors. The BostonBRT team organized learning trips to Mexico City so that political, nonprofit, and business leaders could experience BRT firsthand, speak to its benefits, and champion its adoption in Greater Boston. The team also engaged bus commuters and the design community to visualize the potential of a better bus experience, through a photography challenge to find beauty in the everyday bus commute, a station design competition to visualize the potential of bus stops, and more. In 2017 and 2018, the initiative supported four pilots that demonstrated the benefits of BRT elements and fostered municipal and MBTA partnerships. Three of the pilots have since become permanent. The combination of these activities over the last six years has shifted the conversation in Greater Boston to include bus rapid transit as a viable transportation solution in Massachusetts. BostonBRT can be found online at and @bosBRT on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.



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