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Transportation YOU After-School STEM Program


Article by Heather Moulton, STV Inc.

On April 5, members of the WTS Outreach committee went to the Lafayette School in Everett to host an after school activity for girls in grades 6-8.  The girls who attended were divided into two groups and rotated through three different aviation themed activities.  For the first activity, the girls made paper airplanes with the goal of getting the plane to fly as far as possible.  After each attempt, they were encouraged to revise their plane design to get it to go even further.  The next activity was a runway design activity.  The girls were taught how runways are designated using degrees of a circle based on compass directions.  They were then given the opportunity to label the runways at Logan International Airport based on what they had learned and the orientation of the runway.  For the last activity, the girls made unusual flying machines, including a loop-de-loop plane and a helicopter.  They were given a packet with instructions and were able to select whichever aircraft they wanted to construct.  The instructions provided visuals along with measurements in centimeters so that the girls had an opportunity to practice using the metric side of rulers.  The activities gave the girls an idea of some of the many different aspects of aviation while also allowing them to have some fun.  This aviation themed program will be repeated at the remaining three Everett middle schools in the next couple months.  

The after-school programs at the Everett Schools are always a great time for the students as well as the volunteers. It is so rewarding to see the students have so much fun, ask great questions, and learn something new along the way. There are three more schools to visit before the end of the school year, so interested volunteers have three chances to help out. If you are interested in volunteering for a future program, please reach out to Ali Love (Alison.Love@stvinc.com) for more information and to volunteer. Volunteers are needed from 2-4pm on the following dates.

Thursday, April 27th

Wednesday, May 17th

Tuesday, June 6th



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