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The Role of the New MassDOT Chief Strategy Officer, Scott Bosworth


The Role of the New MassDOT Chief Strategy Officer, Scott Bosworth

Written By: Tricia Pinto, Sanborn Head
Photos By: www.frankmonkiewicz.com 

At the WTS-Boston May 2016 luncheon, Scott Bosworth, the new Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT’s) Chief Strategy Officer joined WTS-Boston.  Scott shared his thoughts regarding his new role and responsibilities, and also described some recent agency successes.

Scott has had a long career in public service, serving as Assistant Secretary of Transportation in the Weld and Cellucci administrations and as the Commonwealth’s transportation representative in Washington.  Scott has also served in a number of elected and appointed positions in municipal government, and has worked in the private sector, forming and growing a number of small businesses focused on transportation, real estate, and economic development.  This long history of varied experiences positions Scott well in his new role at MassDOT.

The Chief Strategy Officer is a new position at MassDOT, and one Scott is passionate about.  Simply speaking, Scott says his job is to fix things and get things done, and to do this work collaboratively and with an open mind.  Scott acknowledged that the team he is working with brings an incredible amount of talent to the table.  Whether it be Secretary Stephanie Pollack’s ability to allow ideas to flow while achieving results, or the Control Board’s ability to ask the tough questions and push the organization to think harder, each team member has a role to play.  Scott spoke very highly of the people at MassDOT, and in particular of the sense of pride in the organization that each individual shares.

Scott shared some recent successes at MassDOT.  These included the new five year Capital Investment Plan; a reduction in overtime, absenteeism, and dropped bus trips at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA); and improved customer service at the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).  Scott also talked about public and private partnerships, where he is spending a fair amount of his time.  These projects allow for integrated and alternative project delivery, use of private funds to spur infrastructure improvements, and accelerated project timelines.  

Scott ended his talk by making it clear that his door is always open, and that he wants to hear from stakeholders.  Overall, his job is to support MassDOT’s mission, to present new ideas, and to challenge others.  Scott encourages those around him to think outside the box, so that collectively the organization can achieve its goals.  Not only is Scott interested in hearing about problems, but he would also like to hear new ideas and find new opportunities for the organization to be successful. 




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