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Outreach Committee Science & Engineering Fair Recap


By: Susie Bailey, HDR Engineering, Inc.

On Wednesday March 1st, 2017 Susie Bailey, Bridge Designer of HDR Boston and Director of the WTS-Boston Outreach Committee, participated as a judge in the 22nd Annual Science and Engineering Fair at Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart in Newton, MA.  The Science and Engineering Fair consisted of middle school projects and upper school projects. Susie was assigned to judge five eighth grade projects. The eighth grade projects were to use engineering design process.  Students were to set design goals and identify constraints. The emphasis of each project revolved around the evolution of the design through several modifications, in an attempt to meet the project’s goal.  Projects involved topics within the physical science discipline.  Susie judged projects ranging from a Snow Bot; an automated snow plow, Zakim don’t break ‘em; design of a bridge using limited amount of popsicle sticks, For BIG mistakes and design of a lightweight white board eraser that erases a board in less than 5 seconds.



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