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New Year’s 2018 with WTS-Boston

February 20, 2018 05:56 PM

By Alexandra Kleyman, AICP, Boston Region MPO
Special Projects Committee Co-Chair

As the first event of the new year, it was fitting that the focus of WTS-Boston’s 2018 New Year’s Reception was making progress towards goals. This was the overarching message shared by the MBTA’s new General Manager, Luis Ramirez, at the Annual New Year’s celebration held on January 24th at the Courtyard Boston Downtown. Over 200 WTS-Boston members and sponsors gathered for a festive evening and were thrilled to be joined by Mr. Ramirez as he shared his insights on the goals and progress the MBTA is working towards in the coming years.
General Manager Ramírez has an impressive resume of leading the transformation of several complex businesses and organizations. After an 11-year career at Siemens Global Businesses where he served with excellence in many roles including Director of Internal Audits and Mergers and Acquisitions for the firm's Energy and Automation operation, he was recruited by General Electric. During his 12-year career at GE, he again rose through a series of high-level positions, further expanding his leadership skills and business expertise. His most recent role was with the business he founded, TodoModo Group, a Dallas-based business consulting firm that provides turnaround and business consulting services to a range of clients.

Having served just over four months in his position, General Manager Ramírez already has the pulse of MBTA passengers and employees. Both groups are passionate about transportation and, on a daily basis, both groups are faced with the challenges of a system that has major needs – and he highlighted his plan to change that. In addition to ramping up capital investments into State of Good Repair and modernization projects, General Manager Ramírez described that a major need of the MBTA is to improve the customer experience of interacting with the MBTA, and he laid out his top five priorities along these lines.

  • Safety – instilling a deep value for safety within the MBTA team, front line employees, and customers.
  • People – putting customers first by accelerating investments in new technology that yields benefits to riders.
  • Delivery of capital projects – expanding the kinds of investments that result in improvements and upgrades to all facets of the system.
  • Digital transformation – upgrading existing and using new technology to revolutionize how the MBTA interacts with and communicates with customers, and also finds ways to improve operational performance.
  • Fiscal discipline – continuing to budget and sustainably manage costs through processes that track and verify that every dollar is going toward core improvements.

As with all worthwhile goals, General Manager Ramírez noted that reaching these priorities will take a lot of work, but the opportunities are equally as exciting.

The WTS-Boston Board and the Special Projects Committee are grateful to all of this year’s generous sponsors and members and looks forward to many more successful and fun events throughout 2018




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