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Laser Scanning for Transportation Success

May 19, 2014 02:52 PM

by Nitsch Engineering

When it comes to transportation projects, having reliable information on which to base improvements is critical. Nitsch Engineering’s land surveyors have been providing detailed and appropriate data to other WTS Boston supporters for 24 years. One specific way we are able to do this is by applying our expertise in laser scanning surveys to transportation projects – expertise we’ve honed over the past five years since we began performing laser scanning.

Laser scanning allows Nitsch Engineering to provide detailed, efficient, cost-effective, and remote-access surveying on bridges, highways, rail and rapid transit, and urban intersections and streetscapes. In addition, laser scanning allows us to safely survey active roadways, bridges, and railways without having to gain access to the actual sites and get the permissions necessary to do so.

Another advantage of laser scanning is that it collects all visible data, not just a specific data set or sets as in traditional survey. The scan can be revisited for new data needs for a project. For example, a scan of a railway right of way yard for track alignments could be used again to access the height of the track lighting, or distance of the track from a boundary – without having to schedule and coordinate another site visit.

Nitsch Engineering has two laser scanners, one for use in surveying at a distance and for long stretches of roadway or railway; and another that we use for close-in detailed surveys. Our survey project managers, technicians, and field staff are fully trained to perform laser scanning surveys, providing our clients with prompt responses to laser scanning survey requests.

Route 16 Bridge Over the MassPike, Newton, MA  Route 16 Bridge Over the MassPike, Newton, MA


salem_station_entering_tunnel  MBTA’s Salem Station Tunnel Entrance, Salem, MA


For more information about Nitsch Engineering and their Laser Scanning Services visit: http://www.nitscheng.com/


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