Advancing Women in Transportation

June 2019 Formal Mentoring Event Summary


On June 26, 2019, the formal mentoring program held its final group meeting and graduation. We were honored that Lisa Weiland, the newly appointed CEO of Massport, joined us to lead a discussion on the topic of failure and why it’s important. She shared some personal experiences related to failure and taking risks. The discussion was lively, with mentors and mentees asking questions and sharing their own experiences. One helpful piece of advice Lisa offered was the importance of having a personal and professional support network to help you as you take risks and face setbacks along your career path. Other themes included the importance of maintaining professional relationships throughout your career and the fact that it’s okay not to be an expert in everything. After the talk, we toasted the mentoring participants and celebrated their graduation with some cake. We feel fortunate to have worked with such an impressive mentoring group and look forward to continuing this program in 2020.



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