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Formal Mentoring Program Kickoff


WTS-Boston kicked off its formal mentoring program on January 24th at Jacobs Engineering. The theme of the event was Company Culture (and why it matters) and featured speakers Monica Tibbets-Nutt,Executive Director of the 128 Business Council and member of the MassDOT Board of Directors and the Fiscal and Management Control Board that oversees the MBTA and Becky Williamson, immediate past president of WTS-Boston and Principal at Jacobs. The event was extremely successful, attended by almost all the 20 participants in the 2019 mentor program. WTS-Boston is initiating this formal mentoring program to pair rising with seasoned professionals, and consists of monthly professional development events and regular meetings over a period of six months from January to June 2019.

WTS International’s mission is to provide access and equity for all women in transportation. At its core, across all chapters, WTS provides professional development opportunities for its members, offering encouragement and recognition to support the advancement of rising professionals as they grow in their careers. Mentoring is cited as both a specific goal area for WTS International and as one of its six guiding principles (for WTS to help shape future generations of transportation leaders). We hope that a formal chapter mentoring program will provide the opportunity for rising professionals – all members of WTS-Boston – to access experienced professionals in the industry, providing them with insights that could have a lasting and tangible effect on their careers. Our mentors in turn benefit from sharing career success stories with future leaders, building long-term relationships, and giving back to an industry that helped them in previous years.

Our 2019 participants are:



  • Janice Bergeron, RND
  • Somaye Dovirani, Green International Affiliates
  • Ruth Bonsignore, Flink Consulting
  • Michelle Deng, MassDOT
  • Michael Carragher, VHB
  • Erica Blonde, HNTB
  • Lee Filipe, Massport
  • Taylor Pepin, TranSystems
  • Astrid Glynn, MassDOT
  • Julia Meier, VHB
  • Kristine Gorman, Jacobs
  • Jackie Davis, HDR
  • Filomena Maybury, WSP
  • Christine Lai, HNTB
  • Christine Mizioch, AI Engineers
  • Stephanie O’Hara, Jacobs
  • Mark Pelletier, STV
  • Kait Rimol, BSC Group
  • Rachael Sack, Volpe
  • Sarah Davis, Howard Stein Hudson


Monica and Becky led a discussion on Company Culture with the group, and following the presentation our mentors and mentees spent time getting to know each other and based on these interactions stated some mentor/mentee match preferences. Mentor/mentee matches were made directly after the event so that pairs could start meeting in February. Future event topics include Leadership, Turning Weaknesses into Strengths, How Did You Get Where You Are Today?, and Public Speaking.



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