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Committee Spotlight: Diversity

Are you interested in helping contribute to the diversity of the transportation profession in Massachusetts? Join us! The WTS-Boston Diversity Committee is committed to engaging a diverse membership and partnering with local organizations to build a stronger, more robust transportation professionals network. As a Committee, we aim to:

  • Increase collaborative efforts and outreach to diverse organizations with related goals and interests;
  • Support new and established women-owned and minority-owned businesses through training, grants, and other efforts;
  • Strive to achieve diverse representation in the scholarship awards provided by WTS-Boston; and
  • Identify and increase recruitment of diverse membership.

The committee’s activities are as diverse as its name, as we strive to showcase the diversity of perspectives, professions, and people that WTS-Boston supports. Collaboration with other WTS-Boston committees as well as local professional organizations is a key part of our work.

In the past year, the committee partnered with the Membership and Programs committees to deliver a luncheon on “becoming a powerful professional” and helped spread the word as the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials hosted its annual meeting in Boston. In the coming months, stay tuned as we roll out a new Women-Owned Small Business roundtable and launch a “MyWTS” campaign. In partnership with the WTS-Boston 35th Anniversary Committee, we will be looking to you to share your ideas on what WTS means to you.

We hope you will consider joining the WTS-Boston Diversity Committee and helping us think through new activities for the coming year! If you would like to volunteer to be a part of our Committee or have questions about Committee activities, please contact the Diversity Committee Co-Chairs:
Christine Breen, PE, Nitsch Engineering, cbreen@nitscheng.com
Rachel Strauss, AICP, USDOT Volpe Center, rachel.strauss@dot.gov

We’d like to thank the following committee members for their support and enthusiasm!
Christine Aras, MassDOT
Anna Biton, USDOT Volpe Center
Stefanie Beaver, VHB
Christine Breen, Nitsch Engineering, Co-Chair
Cassandra Cantu, USDOT Volpe Center
Catherine-Hong Chen, MassDOT
Karen Kowalewski, USDOT Volpe Center
Selma Mandzo, VHB
Colleen Moore, City Point Partners, Board Liaison
Adriana Santiago, VHB
Margela Shirley, Geocomp
Rachel Strauss, USDOT Volpe Center, Co-Chair




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