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Committee Spotlight - Fundraising Committee


Are you looking for an opportunity to make more connections within WTS-Boston? Are you looking to join a committee but don’t know if you have the time? If you are looking to increase your network within the industry and can commit to some outreach and other small projects throughout the year, you should join the WTS-Boston Fundraising Committee!

The Fundraising Committee’s main function is to raise funds through the Annual Sponsorship Program to support scholarships and the operations of the Chapter. Committee responsibilities include securing sponsorships from member firms, periodic outreach to the sponsors, and frequent coordination with several other WTS-Boston committees to ensure that the chapter supporters receive the full value of benefits included with their sponsorship.


If you would like to volunteer to be a part of our Committee, please contact the Communications Co-Chairs:

Kristen Whitman, P.E., Jacobs, kristen.whitman@jacobs.com

Crystale Wozniak, HMMH, cwozniak@hmmh.com



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