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Boston’s Multi-Dimensional Transportation Vision

November 17, 2014 10:28 AM

Written by Stefanie Beaver, VHB


On October 23, 2014, attendees of the WTS-Boston October Luncheon were addressed by The Mayor of the City of Boston, The Honorable Martin Walsh.  Attendees also were able to take part in the 2014 Business Partnering Expo, jointly hosted by WTS-Boston and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO).  During his speech, Mayor Walsh spoke of the future vision for transportation in the City of Boston, and the Eastern Massachusetts region as a whole.  He touched on subjects such as the importance of future funding for infrastructure projects, such as the South Boston Waterfront “Innovation District”, the former Filene’s site in Downtown Crossing, and the potential bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Mayor Walsh shared his position on the recent ballot question number 1 – regarding eliminating gas tax indexing.  He agreed with many in the Transportation Industry that gas tax indexing would provide crucial funding for maintaining and repairing the bridges and roads of the Commonwealth that are in disrepair.  Mayor Walsh made it clear that he views transportation as a priority in the City.   He also spoke about ongoing and future construction projects in the South Boston Waterfront Innovation District and how we in the transportation industry have a unique opportunity to implement state of the art transportation infrastructure. 

Another location Mayor Walsh spoke of, which has seen significant progress in the past year after being stagnant for several years, is the former Filene’s site in Downtown Crossing.  This is a historic section of the city with a lot of opportunity for transportation improvements.  Mayor Walsh also spoke of his support for hosting the 2024 Olympics in the City of Boston.  If chosen, Boston would potentially receive funding for significant infrastructure improvements which would have lasting positive effects on the City, not to mention the jobs that would be created leading up to and during the Olympics.  Mayor Walsh also spoke of his admiration and respect for the numerous women who have contributed fresh and innovative ideas across the transportation industry.

The Business Partnering Expo portion of the luncheon was also a huge success.  Twenty-two exhibitors from various businesses, agencies and organizations from across the Eastern Massachusetts region packed the house at the luncheon.  Leaders from COMTO and WTS were able to combine their vast networks of connections and allow a greater number of groups to attend the event than ever before. The goal of the Business Partnering Expo is to provide a platform for Minority/Women/Disadvantaged Business Enterprises to network with larger prime businesses, and increase the prominence and exposure of their business and services within the industry.  This year’s event may have had the largest turnout in recent years.  WTS-Boston thanks Mayor Walsh for being a part of the event and speaking with members about current and future transportation topics for the City of Boston.  WTS-Boston also thanks COMTO for their partnership and providing their valuable connections, perspective and expertise that made this event a success. 


Caption: (from L-R: Rachael Sack, WTS-Boston Vice-President; Alison Lima, P.E., WTS-Boston President; The Honorable Martin Walsh, Mayor, City of Boston; Registrar Celia Blue, COMTO President)



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