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2018 March Luncheon Seminar Recap


By Tricia Pinto, Sanborn Head

On March 22, 2018, Massport Port Director Lisa Wieland provided WTS-Boston luncheon attendees with an update on the exciting activity in the Port of Boston.  As an added bonus, Lisa was introduced by Anne Aylward, Director of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center.  Anne previously served as the Director of the Port of Boston for Massport, and was the first woman elected to chair the American Association of Port Authorities.

Lisa provided an update on the Maritime portion of Massport’s business, which consists of owning and operating Conley Terminal and Flynn Cruiseport Boston, as well as being the landlord for seafood tenants and the Boston Autoport. The Port of Boston generates $4.6 billion of annual economic impact, supports 7,000 jobs and contributes $136 million in State and local tax revenues within the Commonwealth. Conley Terminal is a key hub within the port, responsible for about a third of the cargo coming into New England. 

Massport celebrated their third year in a row for record breaking volume coming through Conley Terminal, with growth on both the import and export side of the business.  This growth has been driven by Massport’s work to make the Port of Boston more competitive by maintaining a congestion free environment, to reduce costs and to increase productivity.  Massport has also invested in the Port’s infrastructure by advancing the Boston Harbor Dredging Project and by revitalizing and modernizing the Conley Terminal. Going beyond infrastructure, Massport is also focusing on advancements in the technology and evolving business models that will shape the future for the Conley Terminal.

Flynn Cruiseport Boston is port to 20 cruise lines representing all major brands.  The cruise season for Boston is from April to mid-November, with primary itineraries to Canada and Bermuda.  Some new itineraries that will be offered in 2018 include cruises to Cuba and the Caribbean.  The Cruiseport saw record breaking volume last year, and expects that 2018 will also see record breaking volumes.  To meet the demand for larger cruise ships that would like to home port in Boston, Massport is looking at investing in the terminal to handle larger passenger volumes.

Seafood processing is a business that is growing and thriving.  As a landlord for several seafood processing tenants, Massport has worked to increase occupancy of their tenant facilities, which include the Boston Fish Pier and the Massport Marine Terminal.  Massport is also the landlord for the Boston Autoport, where nearly 8,000 cars were processed last year. Lisa concluded her presentation by stressing the need to preserve truck routes and enhancing port access to help ensure the viability of maritime business and jobs in the future.

It was exciting to hear about the incredible growth and vibrancy of the Port of Boston.  Thank you to Lisa and Anne for speaking with WTS-Boston!



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