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2017 WTS-Boston President's Message


The following article contains excerpts from WTS-Boston incoming President Rebecca Williamson’s remarks delivered at the December Luncheon and Annual Meeting on December 15, 2016:

For those of you who don’t know Rachael, she is a planner, a really big thinker and over the past two years was not afraid to change things up.  Rachael you were never just alright with the status quo – doing things the way WTS-Boston has always done things, without asking “how is this working?” or “ should we change anything?”.  You empowered all of leadership to step up, share new ideas and make changes – all to improve WTS-Boston.  Thank you for that.  I know you won’t be far as you chair the Advisory Board and I know I will definitely be reaching out to tap into your wisdom and experience.

Our 2017 Chapter leadership is an exceptional group of women who no doubt will strive to meet our goals, contribute to their own great ideas, deliver exceptional programming, and dedicate countless hours as volunteers.  Our 2017 Leadership includes:

Board of Directors:
Sarah Dennechuk, P.E., Massport, Vice President
Rachael Sack, U.S. DOT / Volpe Center, Past President
Kristine Gorman, STV, Secretary
Marie Sullivan, P.E., Stantec, Treasurer
Susie Bailey, HDR, Director
Christine Breen, Nitsch Engineering, Director
Sarah Deschaine, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, Director
Jessica Kenny, MassDOT, Director
Susan Nichols, VHB, Director
Paula Simmons, MassDOT, Director

Committee Co-Chairs:
Lauren Dale, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, Communications
Sasha Gamborov, Kennedy / Jenks Consultants, Communications
Shahpar Negah, MassDOT, Finance
Kristen Whitman, Jacobs, Fundraising
Crystale Wozniak, HMMH, Fundraising
Laurie Carlson, MassDOT, Membership
Nicole Rando, Resource Options, Membership
Teryne Alexander, Massport, Mentoring
Allison Sweeney, MBTA, Mentoring
Jackie Davis, Howard Stein Hudson, Professional Development
Allene Rieger, TranSystems, Professional Development
Lindsey Barbee, GPI, Programs
Tricia Pinto, Sanborn Head, Programs
Lisa A. Brothers, P.E., LEED AP, Nitsch Engineering, Public Art
Hyun-A Park, Spy Pond Partners, Public Art
Ali Love, STV, Outreach
Leslie Stahl, U.S. DOT / Volpe Center, Outreach
Carrie Lavallee, MassDOT, Scholarships & Awards
Anna Nadler, MassDOT, Scholarships & Awards
Aly Kleiman, CTPS, Special Projects
Selma Mandzo, VHB, Special Projects
Pam Degan, Rickes Associates, Student Chapter
Jill McLaughlin, Stantec, Student Chapter

Advisory Board:
Rachael Sack, U.S. DOT / Volpe Center, Past-President (Chair)
Alison Lima, Tetra Tech, Past-Past-President
Janice Martin Bergeron, Kennedy / Jenks Consultants, Appointments Task Force Chair
Lee Filipe, Massport 
Kate Fichter, MassDOT  
Loretta Girard Doughty, HDR 
Patty Leavenworth, MassDOT 
Michelle Muhlanger, Federal Railroad Administration 
Margaret O’Meara, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff 
Shannon Reilly, Esq., Construction Industries of Massachusetts 
Linda Sharpe, DIGITALiBiz, Inc. 

2015 Emerging Professionals:
Margo Dawes, U.S. DOT / Volpe Center
Michelle Deng, MassDOT

2019 WTS International Conference Co-Chairs:
Lori Chicoyne, Kennedy / Jenks Consultants
Colleen Moore, City Point Partners

When I joined WTS-Boston fourteen years ago, I certainly never pictured myself standing here at the podium today as incoming WTS-Boston President.  Through WTS, I have been able to develop leadership skills, mentor others, certainly expand my professional network and learn more about the industry – not to mention all of the teaming partners GPI now has relationships with and all of our project wins with agencies we have not worked with before.  To piggy back on what Rachael said earlier, I encourage all of you who are not involved to get involved.  You will not regret it.  All of our committees can use your help so if you are interested please reach out to any one of our 50+ leadership!

I am really excited about all of the new faces in our leadership for 2017 and the opportunity to lead WTS-Boston.  We have already begun planning for next year.  In September of this year, we held a State of the Chapter meeting with our current Board of Directors and some of our past presidents/Advisory Board members.  We focused on three things – strengthening our Chapter Leadership pipeline, increasing diversity of the membership and leadership and how to maximize the impact / effectiveness of the Board – and there were a lot of great ideas.  These are all goals I would like to continue advancing in 2017. 

Just last week, we held the first of two leadership transition meetings with incoming and outgoing leadership.  We had some great discussions and I hope to continue Rachael’s trend with making changes to the way we do things to make WTS-Boston even stronger and more successful in 2017.  With 50+ volunteers, I want to make sure each of our leaders has the tools and support to be successful and grow.  At the same time, I want to make sure that all of you in the audience are recognizing the benefits of WTS whether you are a member or an attendee at one of our events.  I welcome feedback or ideas to ensure that you are benefiting from WTS. 

One of my other big goals for the next two years is to really focus on the WTS mission – advancing women in transportation.  That being said, I hope to provide ample professional development opportunities for our membership and, to provide our Appointments Committee with the help that they need to be successful.  Many thanks go to Janice Bergeron of Kennedy Jenks Consultants for chairing this committee and working towards the goal of providing opportunities for more women to be involved in transportation and government.

I am looking forward to a great year!



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