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2017 Awards and Scholarship Dinner

By Alexandra Kleyman, AICP

Boston Region MPO


On June 14th, honored guests, members, and friends of WTS-Boston gathered for a festive dinner to celebrate the 2017 Award and Scholarship winners. The lineup for both categories was impressive and the Seaport Hotel provided the perfect backdrop for the evening, with a fantastic view of Boston Harbor and its location in the up and coming Seaport District.

WTS-Boston scholarships were awarded to Oliva Murphy (Wentworth Institute of Technology), Emily Derrig (Northeastern University), Alison Love (Northeastern University and Marie Louis(University of Massachusetts – Amherst). Achievement awards were presented to Abbie Goodman (Woman of the Year), Tom Tinlin (Honorable Ray LaHood Award), Alison Love (Claire Barrett Member of the Year Award), Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (Employer of the Year Award), U.S. DOT/Volpe National Transportation System Center (Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award), and Ellen DeNooyer (Innovative Transportation Solutions Award). More information on all of the award and scholarship winners can be found online here.

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Woman of the Year, Abbie R. Goodman, Honorable Ray LaHood Award Recepient Thomas J. Tinlin and Claire Barrett Member of the Year Award Recepient Ali Love. Photo Credit www.frankmonkiewicz.com

Rina Cutler, Senior Director Major Stations, Planning & Development at Amtrak, offered opening remarks, thrilled to be back in the city where she got her start at the Boston Transportation Department.  Her intelligence and humor did not disappoint! Rina’s key message was one of leadership - she told attendees that the essence of leadership is being responsible for projects in your organization that you can’t control. Her advice was that rather than asking who is going to let you do your job, ask who is going to stop you. Further, when people expect you to “stay in your lane,” realize that more value can actually lie in not staying in just one lane.

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Innovative Transportation Solutions Award Recepient, Ellen Denooyer, Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award Receipents from US DOT/Volpe National Transportation System Center and Employer of the Year Kennedy/Jenks Consultants. Photo Credit www.frankmonkiewicz.com

Annually, the Awards and Scholarships Dinner provides a unique opportunity for highly accomplished professionals to be recognized alongside  well deserving students. This year’s dinner proved to live up to WTS-Boston’s high standards for planning events with the right mix of professionalism, elegance, and entertainment. We were grateful to spend the evening in such a beautiful setting among so many talented minds in transportation.  



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